Price: 28$ 40$

Children: 6-12 Yers (11$)

Duration: 9 hours

You can order a walk without diving, then the cost for adults is $ 22, the cost for children under 5 years old is free, from 6-12 years old – $ 11. If a child dives, the cost will be the same as for an adult.

There is no additional charge on board, all taxes are included in the tour price.

 The collection of tourists from hotels starts at 8:30, it all depends on the location of the hotel. Return to hotels at 16: 00-16-30.

For a transfer from Makadi and Sahl Hasheesh hotels there is an additional charge of $ 5 per person

what is included in the excursion?

  • An island that will stay for about 2,5 hours (there are mats for rest, umbrellas for sun protection on the island)
  • there will be two stops for snorkeling and diving
  • lunch on the yacht + soft drinks
  •  riding a banana and a tablet.

The price includes

  • transfer that will pick you up from your hotel in Hurghada and bring you back after the excursion
  • equipment for diving and snorkeling
  • 1 diving
  • Snorkeling
  • island PARADISE
  • lunch + soft drinks
  • riding a banana and a tablet.
  • services of an instructor ,English or Russian-speaking guide

The excursion is not included in the cost (you can pay at will)

  • The services of a photographer are not included in the price of the excursion (photography and video filming)

Be sure to have with you:

  • bathing accessories
  • towel
  • sunscreen
  • glasses
  • headdress
  • Mony

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What types of transport do you have?

The park has a fairly large assortment: comfortable buses, cars, minivans. All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and security systems. For long routes, toilet buses are available. All vehicles undergo technical and sanitary maintenance, receive the necessary tourist permits, and the drivers are checked before each trip

How is the payment for the excursion carried out?

No prepayment required. All excursions are paid already on the bus, or during the excursion. The organizer will come up to you. Payment is accepted in cash in dollars, euros and Egyptian pounds. An alternative payment option is possible by agreement

Do you have a tourist license?

Without a tourist license, none of the activities in the tourism of Egypt can be carried out.
For excursions, you need to obtain permission from the police and the military on a daily basis, without licenses it is not issued.
In this regard, for some excursions, we may ask you for data or photos of passports (this applies to sea excursions in Sharm El Sheikh and any individual excursions, if this requires leaving the city.
For other excursions, permits are issued simply for the number of people and passport details are not required).

Can I take a child under 6 years old with me?

Yes, of course, no payment is required for children under 5 years old in Sharm El Sheikh and under 6 years old in Hurghada.

Are we insured during the excursion?

Don’t fall for the intimidation of your hotel guides, they are unfounded:
Firstly, your travel insurance is valid throughout Egypt, regardless of the hotel, tour operator, and even more so the guide.

Secondly, if you are on a ship, bus or other transport, the organizer bears full insurance liability to passengers. Otherwise, he simply will not be able to obtain permission to carry out the tour. activities.